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insulator coating

As the operating time of the power system increases, the pollution it receives will become more and more serious. In order to prevent the occurrence of dangerous accidents, it is very important to add rain booster sheds and anti-pollution coatings.

The main reason for the moisture resistance and dirt resistance of the composite insulator surface is that the surface of the silicone rubber climbing shed is hydrophobic. The surface of the composite insulator will not form a continuous water film but water droplets under severe weather conditions such as light rain, melting snow, dew, melting ice, and heavy fog. Because the conductivity of the pollution layer is very low, the leakage current is also very small, and it is not easy to have a strong local arc, which is not easy to cause external insulation pollution. After a period of operation, the hydrophobicity of the composite insulator can be transferred to the surface of the contaminated layer after the surface is contaminated, which is unique to the rain booster shed. When the pollution degree is the same, the leakage distance of the pollution voltage is more than twice the leakage distance of the same insulator. So what are the advantages of rain booster sheds?

(1) The rain booster shed has excellent performance. It can resist electric shock, the corona has no electric corrosion, and has good hydrophobicity.

(2) The rain booster shed has a wide range of applicability, it is suitable for all kinds of porcelain used for power transmission and transformation equipment, such as anti-fouling pillars, porcelain bottles, casings, switches, common types, transformers, and so on; The position and shape of the rain booster shed can be set according to the degree of pollution, the nature of the pollution and the operating state of the equipment to ensure good results.

(3) When the rain booster shed is bonded to the porcelain petticoat, there should be no air gap, high bonding strength, no gap, reliable bonding interface, and the rain booster shed is a whole.

(4) The appearance of the rain booster shed is beautiful, and its structural design is reasonable.

(5) The rain booster shed is time-saving and labor-saving to use and easy to install.