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insulator coating
Water-free flexible waterproof coating is a one-component product specially designed for users to meet the needs of outdoor anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging waterproof. It has high elasticity. It is especially suitable for areas with large temperature difference between day and night and between winter and summer. It is suitable for areas where hot expansion and cold contraction are intense. It is suitable for areas where deformable cracks lead to water leakage. In particular, an aging-resistant cross-linked polymer with better deformability and flexible waterproof coating is prepared. Fracture elongation is much higher than that of traditional materials. It has strong bonding strength with the base material and it can resist the need of large deformation parts such as roofing and special-shaped structure. Especially in the parts with complex structure where the traditional flexible waterproof coating with large area fails to construct, it can achieve seamless waterproofing as a whole. Various colors can be used as exterior wall coatings.

Base surface pretreatment

  • The base surface should be stable, clean, smooth, dust-free, oil-free, no falling off and other debris.
  • Clear pore and sand hole should be blocked and smoothed with cement mortar, and sharp edges should be removed.
  • The leakage should be plugged first, and the Yin-Yang angle should be made into a circular arc.

Construction method

  • Clean up the grass-roots to remove clear water or sand.
  • Construction procedures generally start with Yin-Yang angle, then elevation, and finally large-scale construction.
  • During construction, ELVEE S97 SLURRY is painted on the base surface with drum or hard paint brush at least twice (to prevent leakage). Brush evenly in the vertical direction to achieve the best coverage, and pay attention to avoid leakage of brush. Generally, at least two coatings are required. Each coat should be kept at a certain interval. It can be carried out only after the last coating is dry and not stick to the hand. The dosage should not be less than 1 kg/m2 per pass. In the second construction, it should be done after the former is dry solidification and film formation.
  • The same brush should be in the same direction, and the front and back brushes should be in the vertical direction. The construction quality should be checked after every time the sheet is dry. If it is found that the coating is missing and the drum is rising, it should be repaired.