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K11 Flexible Waterproof Coating
In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard, the living conditions of the requirements is also rising, which highlights the growing importance of waterproof family. The new concept of "health for Verizon waterproof, care homes", is committed to the comprehensive protection of water security for most of families Home Furnishing, exclude the difficulty and anxiety. Ruisen waterproof coating is a two component, acrylic polymer modified cement based waterproof coating, the simple operation, excellent performance, has the very good waterproof effect.

Introduction of K11 Flexible Waterproof Coating:

Ruisen general type waterproof coating has the advantages of simple operation, chemical reaction mixture is formed on the surface of materials, waterproof coating, and can penetrate the formation of crystal water through internal repression, achieve double waterproof effect. This product conforms to JC 1066-2008"architectural waterproof coating limit of harmful substances"requirements.
  • The Features of K11 Flexible Waterproof Coating:

    1. New environment-friendly products, non-toxic harmless, nonpolluting;
    2. Cold construction, only the stirring can be used;
    3. The construction can be in damp base (but not water), and the bond;
    4. Able to withstand high hydrostatic pressure, water face, negative surface is effective waterproof;
    5. Good wear resistance, strong adhesion, can be directly in the dry solid plastering waterproof membrane, stickup ceramic tile etc.;
    6. Good permeability, coating material can penetrate the pores of cement-based materials, blocking the water channel, waterproof effect is reliable.

    Scope of Application:

    1. The family decoration engineering such as kitchen, bathroom, Balcony: roof waterproof, Puttie wallpaper, wood floor surface moisture, mildew, ground moisture proof;
    2. The basement, walls, water supply and drainage pipeline, swimming pool, drinking water, the water tank.

  • Construction Technology of K11 Flexible Transparent Waterproof Coating:

    The base surface treatment
    1. The construction of the base surface should be smooth, firm, clean, no water, no leakage;
    2. For the larger holes and cracks is greater than 0.1mm should be the first to use repair mortar repair;
    3. With water wet surface to saturation, construction can be no clear water surface.

    Method of Use:

    1. Open the packaging barrels, the raw material bag is taken out; the slurry into the container, stirs lowly add powder, stir into the subtle mixture; stir and let stand for 5 minutes to make slurry curing, and then stir a moment can be construction (slurry after adjustment shall be within 1 hours after appropriate);
    2. The use of construction roller or brush, brush waterproof layer is generally at least two-layer, second layer brushing direction should be perpendicular to the first layer, to achieve the best effect of the coverage gap is big, suggest enhanced by glass fiber grid cloth;
    3. The second layer coating should be 2~3 hours in the first layer of dry, the specific time depending on the environment conditions on site adjustment;
    4. Each layer of brush thickness control in less than 1mm, to facilitate maintenance and curing; total thickness of the two layer is about 1.5mm, the dosage of 1.8~2kg per square meter;
    5. Waterproof layer construction and maintenance after 1~2 days, the waterproof layer should be fully cured before the next procedure construction.


1. The construction of the base surface should be fully wet but not have Mingshui phenomenon;
2. The other covering layer in the waterproof layer can be completely dry after;
3. Not at 5 DEG C and the construction;
4. The use of time is 1.5~2 hours, cannot have the dry solid slurry mixing water use;
5. Such as accidentally contaminated with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

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