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insulator coating
Dielectric material increases sharply under the action of high electric field current, and at a certain voltage lost insulation properties and become conductive, this is called dielectric breakdown. The lower electric field in which the insulation damage occurs is called the dielectric breakdown strength. Generally speaking, the greater the thickness and area of the insulating sample, the lower the dielectric breakdown strength. The engineer of Zhisheng Wei Hua insulating varnish pointed out, this is because the breakdown of insulation is mostly caused in a weak point in the material. When the thickness and area increase, the weak point will increase.

Breakdown theory, mainly includes electric breakdown theory, thermal breakdown theory and electrochemical breakdown theory. In order to improve the quality of ceramic coatings on samples with complex shapes, the properties of insulating coatings are improved. In the process of high temperature insulation paint production,Zhisheng weihua company controls the paint raw material production process to avoid the mixture of stray ions, metal molecules and ions in strict accordance with the standards of the space research laboratory. In the production of Zhisheng weihua ZS-1091 heat-resistant insulating paint, the details of the generation process should be enhanced such as temperature, humidity, atmosphere, etc, avoid unnecessary paint with free ions, hole electron position and reduction oxidation of electrons and avoid the production of deep processing in inorganic lattice material conversion caused by lattice defects, so as not to affect the conductivity of the coating.

Good electrical insulation coating withstands strong current shock breakdown and has a high volume resistance. The heat-resistant insulation coating of adoptsspecial high-temperature film-forming solution of zhisheng weihua. Its long-term heat resistance can reach 600 ℃ and 1800 ℃. Waterborne inorganic ceramic material, paint of which adopts pure inorganic polymer high temperature solution, the pigment of which is made of high resistance inorganic crystal material. Insulating varnish can work under 600 ℃ and 1800 ℃ for a long time. Volume resistivity is more than 1016 Ω m and The dielectric strength (breakdown strength) is greater than 104KV/m. It good chemical stability, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, good oxidation resistance, no flash point, ignition point, high hardness, and its hardness is greater than 7H. ZS - 1091 high temperature resistant insulation coating, high temperature of which is up to 1800 ℃. It can form a layer on the surface of the coated object with high volume resistivity and can withstand a strong electric field without being broken down. Good electrical insulation coating has higher mechanical strength and good chemical stability, can withstand aging, water, chemical corrosion resistance. ; It also has resistance to mechanical and thermal shock. Zhisheng weihua ZS-1091 high-temperature insulation coating is suitable for coating various high-temperature heating elements and fire-resistant cables for high-temperature insulating anticorrosion.