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The polluted discharge of pin type insulators refers to the flashover of the polluted outer insulation layer of the machine and equipment at the working frequency, which causes a certain discharge condition when there is pollutant.

Basic information about polluted discharge of pin type insulator


In the geographical environment, pin type insulators are eroded by nitrogen oxides, acid salts and particulate dust, and a layer of dirt is slowly accumulated on the surface. When the temperature is dry, this contaminated insulator maintains a high insulation level, and its discharge working voltage is close to that of clean conditions. When encountering cold and humid temperatures such as fog, dew, drizzle and melting ice, and melting snow, the surface of the pin type insulator digests and absorbs water, and the electrolyte solution in the dirty layer melts and weak electrolytes cause the conductivity of the dirty layer to increase. The surface leakage current of the pin type insulator will increase.


Countermeasures to prevent the polluted discharge of pin type insulators


1. Adjust the creepage distance of pin type insulators, or choose anti-fouling insulators and silicone insulators with strong anti-fouling ability.

2. Clean the insulator and keep the surface of the insulator tidy.

3. Choose various pollution-resistant architectural paints and place them on the surface of the pin type insulator.

4. Choose various rain covers and silicone climbing skirts;

5. Use glazed insulators of semiconductor material.

6. Increase the scope of rectification, carry out zero-quality and counterfeit inspections on insulator strings on time, and immediately dismantle and replace zero-value and counterfeit insulators.


By adopting the above measures, we can effectively prevent the occurrence of polluted discharge of pin type insulators and reduce the occurrence of accidents.