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insulator coating

It has been proved by practice that no matter using heat-shrinkable insulating sheath or adopting insulator scheme with large creepage distance, there are certain limitations for bus construction of Banshanpu traction substation after the merger. Due to the influence of early house civil construction, the space cannot be changed, so it is impossible to use insulator with large creepage distance; heat-shrinkable insulating sheath is also very difficult for long bus construction Uneven heating in the work is easy to lead to the rupture of heat-shrinkable insulating sheath, and the construction cost is also relatively high.

The silicone flame retardant heat conduction high voltage insulation coating can not only improve the insulation ability of the bus but also not reduce the current carrying capacity of the bus.

The test shows us busbar insulation coating has the following characteristics:

1. Busbar insulation coating with high voltage insulation and excellent performance, it can effectively eliminate the short circuit fault of small animals and personal injury accidents caused by live naked in substations.

2. The coating has excellent thermal conductivity, can release heat of equipment in time, prevent heat accumulation and high temperature, is non-flammable, has self-extinguishing property, and has remarkable flame retardant effective-0Class.

3. The coating has strong adhesion, can eliminate the gap between the coating and the equipment, form an integral part with the equipment, can effectively prevent the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt and atmosphere to the equipment, has the characteristics of moisture-proof, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, etc., and can realize maintenance-free long-term operation and long service life.

4.In situ forming, easy to use, short construction period

5.Non-toxic, pollution-free and corrosion-free.

Therefore, use the busbar insulation coating can not only improve the insulation level of the bus but also not affect the normal operation of the bus and the selection of insulator.