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insulator coating

The busbar insulation coating is made of silicone - fluorinated rubber at room temperature. After chemical polymerization with fluorine-containing materials, adding flame retardant, arc resistance, reinforcement, active agent and other materials for physical mixing. It not only has good insulation performance, flame retardant and thermal conductivity, but also in the curing process, fluorine-containing monomer structural units migrates to the surface of the insulation layer, so that the surface of the insulation layer formed rich fluorine layer, so that the insulation layer has ultra-high ultraviolet resistance, high weather resistance, high durability, hydrophobic oil resistance and good aging performance.

The busbar insulation coating is made by polymer alloy technology. Its basic structural unit is composed of silicon oxygen link, and the side chain is connected with other organic groups through silicon atom. Therefore, its structure contains both organic group and inorganic structure. This special composition and molecular structure make it combine the characteristics of organic matter and the function of inorganic substance.

It is suitable for busbar, cable, wall bushing, high-power motor, dry-type reactor, dry-type transformer, switch cabinet and other equipment and components that need external insulation treatment, heat conduction, flame retardant and moisture-proof protection in high and low-voltage transmission and distribution system. It is especially suitable for electrical equipment working in dirty and humid environment. Moreover, it has the advantages of room temperature curing, in-situ molding, convenient use and direct spraying.