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Silicone anti-corrosive coating is silicone coating and it is designed for anti-corrosion of metal surface in construction, chemical industry, ocean, electric power and their industries and fields. The product not only has excellent corrosion resistance, resistance to high and low temperature, aging resistance, UV resistance, electrical insulation, salt spray resistance, water resistance, oil resistance and other chemical properties, but also has excellent adhesion, good compatibility between materials.

1. Main features of silicone anti-corrosive coating:

(1) Excellent corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance, water resistance, oil resistance and other chemical properties;

(2) Excellent resistance to high and low temperature and weatherability;

(3) Excellent insulation performance;

(4) Excellent thixotropy and anti-sagging performance;

(5) Construction can be done by brushing coating, rolling coating, spraying and other methods. It has low viscosity and it is easy to operate;

(6) Room temperature curing, easy to repair, non-toxic and environmental friendly.

2.The basic applications of silicone anti-corrosive coating

(1) It can be used for anti-corrosion treatment of metal surfaces, such as construction steel structure, aluminum alloy profile, color steel plate and tile superficial treatment.

(2) It can be used for all kinds of superficial treatments that require high salt spray resistance, such as marine engineering, shipbuilding industry, petrochemical industry.

(3) It can be used for insulation protection of all kinds of equipment, such as substation equipment, distribution equipment, transmission equipment.

3. Matters need attention of silicone anti-corrosive coating

(1)The coating is non-toxic to the human body and it is environmentally friendly.

(2) The coating contains flammable substances, so during transportation, storage and use processes,strict attention should be paid to the fire.

(3) The coating should avoid contacting with water. Once contacted, it will be solidified into a solid quickly.

(4)The coating should be stored in a cool and dry place.