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insulator coating

There is a direct proportional relationship between the development of cities and the development of cables. In every city, the use of cables is very large. In order to build a harmonious development-oriented city, the safe transmission of electric current by the cable is of great help.

The rapid development of industry has caused environmental pollution. And the cables that are often exposed to the space become the " victim". The long-term discharge of some industrial waste water and waste gas will form certain substances. If it interacts with the surface of the cable, the harm it plays is very huge. Choosing anti-pollution flashover paint can improve the effect of the cable. 

So, what are the effects of this anti-pollution flashover coating?

1. It has good resistance to chemical reagents. This kind of coating will not appear discoloring in 25.3% of the chemical reagents, and its corrosion resistance is very strong. It is from such an advantage that it has become the main reason why many consumers choose anti-pollution flashover coatings.

2. It has good wear resistance. The wear resistance of this coating is quite good. It is because of such an advantage that the cable effect can be ensured. And this is also very important for users.

3. In addition to the above advantages, anti-pollution flashover coatings also have good oil resistance and good aging resistance. After using the anti-pollution flashover coating, you will find that the cable with such a coating film will not only continuously upgrade its benefits, but also allow us to enjoy the benefits of convenient electricity use.