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Epoxy Zinc-Rich Primer

Instructions of Epoxy Zinc-Rich Primer

It is two components epoxy zinc-rich primer heavy corrosion by zinc primer paint, epoxy resin and other components. On steel surface treated to form a hard, wear-resistant, durable film, and provide long-lasting cathode protection.

Property of Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer Paint

A. High zinc content, in line with international standards ISO12944 and national standards HG / T 3668-2009 related zinc-rich primer composition requirements.
B. The treated steel with excellent adhesion and corrosion performance.
C. Good abrasion resistance, impact resistance.
D. As a shop primer does not affect the performance of cutting and welding.
E. It can be designed to support a variety of paint as a primer, especially heavy industrial and marine environment protection system.
F. Quick drying, can recoat after a short time.
  • Application of The Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer

    Widely applicable to long-term anti-rust primer for steel primer, primer and maintenance, ships, bridges and other steel structures. Especially suitable for industrial, chemical, steel and other heavy-duty offshore matching zinc primer spray paint.

    Surface Preparation of The Epoxy Zinc-Rich Prime

    The surface roughness of steel welds, rounded edges and clear the splash-melt welding, cleared the surface of the grease, oil and other pollutants; surface sandblasted to ISO standard Sa2.5 level or power tools rust St3 level; surface roughness of 50-85um, before spraying to ensure the surface is dry and clean.
    The weather is good, the substrate temperature of not less than 5 ℃, relative humidity <85%. It must have good ventilation conditions in confined areas to ensure proper drying of the film. Before fully cured coating should not be exposed to oil, chemicals or mechanical stress.

    Coating Application of Zinc Rich Epoxy Paint

    Mixing mass ratio: Base material (A): The curing agent (B) = 10: 1.
    Theoretical amount: 220 g / m2.
    Painting passes: spraying or brushing 2 to 3, 60 to 80 microns dry.
    Mixing: Use a power mixer component A (base) Stir, then stirring state by mixing ratio of the added amount of group B (curing agent), and fully mixed, while stirring continued momentum needed painting.
    Thinner or Cleaner: For supporting diluent.
    Curing time: After mixed directly.
    After mixing pot life: 5 hours (23 ℃).
  • The Construction Method of Epoxy Zinc-Rich Prime

    Brush: Recommended for small areas, acute sites and pre-coated and refinishing, but must meet the specified dry film thickness.
    Spraying: airless spray or air spray, the airless spray is recommended priority.
    Air spray: a discharge pressure 0.4-0.7Mpa, nozzle diameter 1.8-2.2mm;
    Airless Spray: discharge pressure 15Mpa, nozzle diameter 0.43-0.48mm;
    * When used in spray paint, because the need to adjust the viscosity, can be added to a thinner 0-10%.

    A. The construction and curing required to maintain adequate ventilation.
    B. Premature exposure to rain or condensation in the state, its color and luster affected.
    C. Heat resistance: resistance up to 200 ℃ dry heat.
    D. Weather resistance: can occur when there is no separate outer protective coating exposed some of chalking and yellowing;
    E. Chemical resistance: resistant to most alcohols, aromatic hydrocarbon solvents and solvent spills and overflows; not directly used in the acidic environment of use; if no suitable overcoat Do not use strong alkaline environment; when a suitable overcoat when neutral salts, basic salt resistance is excellent.
    F. Wear resistance: completely cured after a good wear resistance.
    G. Compatibility: polyurethane-based coating can be used with good support.

    Shelf Life of The Epoxy Zinc-Rich Prime

    Twelve months from the date of manufacture in the original unopened container at 32°C. Subject to re-inspection thereafter. Store in dry, shaded conditions away from sources of heat or ignition.

    Package: 20 kg/ barrel.

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Technical Data of The Epoxy Zinc-Rich Prime



Thick paint


1700-2200 cP

Cure System

The catalyst cure

Table Dry

0.5 hour

CURED At standard conditions (25℃ and 50% relative humidity) for 5 days


H ( pencil hardness)




Flat-high light



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