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insulator coating

Electrical ceramics:

Electrical ceramics is one of the terms of inorganic insulating materials. Its advantages as a station post insulator material mainly lie in its good aging resistance, strong environmental applicability, strong corrosion resistance to acid and alkali, excellent electrical and mechanical strength. Over the past 100 years, it has been one of the main manufacturing materials for station post insulator. However, due to the high cost of manufacturing and transportation and the high pollution in production, the new materials are seldom used as station post insulator after the emergence of new materials in recent years.

Toughened glass:

Tempered glass is also a kind of inorganic insulation material. Its performance is similar to that of electrical ceramics. It has outstanding anti-aging and corrosion properties and high production efficiency. At present, it has replaced electrical ceramics as one of the main manufacturing materials of station post insulator in many places.

Synthetic silicone rubber:

The obvious point of synthetic silicone rubber is that it has high strength and light weight. After some modifications, its corrosion resistance will be greatly enhanced, and its cost-effective ratio is very high. However, compared with the former two materials, the development started slowly and the application scope has not been fully developed.