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The silicone rubber shed is artificially bonded to the surface of the porcelain insulator by special adhesive, to change characteristics and structural shape of the porcelain surface. Just like a protective umbrella on the surface of the insulating equipment, which can effectively improve the anti-pollution flashover capability of the substation equipment.

The Antifouling Silicone Rubber Shed Produced by Ruisen Has the Following Performance Advantages:

1. The silicone rubber material has excellent hydrophobicity, anti-corona, anti-tracking, no corrosion, no static electricity, and no dust collection.

2. The anti-fouling silicone rubber shed has wide applicability and flexible use. It is suitable for various porcelain insulators of substation equipment, such as ordinary and anti-fouling pillar porcelain bottles, circuit breakers, transformers, bushings, etc. , The number, positions and shapes of anti-fouling silicone rubber shed can be determined according to the pollution level, nature and equipment operating conditions on site.

3. The well-installed anti-fouling silicone rubber shed and the porcelain insulators have no air gap in the bonding area, the bonding strength is high, and the shed and insulator is integrated.

4. The anti-fouling silicone rubber shed has a reasonable structure and beautiful appearance. On-site installation are simple, time-saving and labor-saving.

5. After adding the anti-fouling silicone rubber shed to the ordinary porcelain bottle, you can acquire good effect of anti-fouling porcelain insulators with low cost.

6. After the porcelain insulators are installed with anti-fouling silicone rubber shed, under normal circumstances, it does not need to be cleaned within 3 to 5 years, saving your time and money.

Where Can Silicone Rubber Shed for Porcelain Insulator Be Used?

1. DC or AC substation and power distribution equipment with the need of anti flashover pollution. Especially for the equipment with the umbrella distance less than 70mm, the anti-fouling silicone rubber shed should be used as much as possible.

2. When the creepage distance of the power transmission and transformation equipment that has been operating in the flashover polluted area can no longer meet the operation requirements, use the anti-fouling silicone rubber shed as a remedial measure to adjust the creepage distance.

3. In areas with serious flashover pollution, and substation and power distribution equipment with seriously insufficient creepage distance, the creepage distance can be adjusted by comprehensive use of anti-fouling silicone rubber sheds and anti-pollution flashover coatings.

Anti-fouling silicone rubber shed has wide applicability and flexible use. Any insulator or bushing of substation equipment can install anti-fouling silicone rubber sheds. You can decide the number, position and switch of the installed anti-fouling silicone rubber shedaccording to the flashover pollution level on site to obtain the best effect. Large-diameter anti-fouling sheds are made of silicone rubber with excellent performance. It is high temperature molded and has the characteristics of hydrophobicity and excellent electrical performance. This auxiliary shed covering the porcelain insulators of the external electromagnetic bushings of transformers, transformers, switches, pillars, etc., helps power system to improve the insulation structure, improve the external insulation level of the power equipment, and enhance the anti-pollution flashover ability.