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In order to further improve the service life of RTV paint, improve its comprehensive performance, make it have oil repellency and self-cleaning properties, a new anti-pollution flashover coating --- PRTV anti-pollution flashover coating was invented.

1. Characteristics of PRTV anti-pollution flashover coatings

PRTV anti-pollution flashover coating can greatly improve the external insulation pollution flashover voltage of power transmission and transformation equipment, which can be increased to 200%, ensuring the safe operation of power equipment. The coating material has hydrophobicity and unique hydrophobic migration characteristics, that is, the hydrophobicity can migrate to the surface of the dirty layer, and a continuous water film is not formed on the surface of the coating in bad weather (rain, fog, drizzle). The coating surface is hydrophobic, thus effectively preventing cement and chemical pollution from scaling on its surface. So it can be widely used in various natural and industrial environments. It has excellent insulation and mechanical properties, strong adhesion, anti-dust adhesion, corrosion resistance, long life, corona resistance, aging resistance, and has a good anti-icing effect and excellent weather resistance. The coating is non-flammable, and its combustion grade is FV-O after curing. It is non-toxic and has a special odor.

2. Construction methods of PRTV anti-pollution flashover coating

The spraying work of PRTV coating should be constructed in strict accordance with the instruction manual of the coating. Insulators should be cleaned and wiped away from moisture and oil before coating. And the construction should be carried out under the meteorological conditions of no rain, no dew, and no sandstorm. During the construction of PRTV anti-pollution flashover coating, the metal parts at both ends of the equipment should be wrapped and protected, and the protection work should be done during the spraying implementation so as not to affect the operation of adjacent equipment. Please spray the PRTV coating after completing the insulation test of electrical equipment, and the electrical equipment with unqualified insulation should be treated and replaced before spraying the PRTV coating.