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insulator coating

At the beginning of 2014, State Grid Corporation of China proposed to use "factory" for the construction of UHV power grid new insulator with RTV Coating "The new requirement is that ceramic or glass insulator should be coated with rtv coating for insulators before leaving the factory for line installation, and should be used in ± 800kV high voltage DC project of lingshao line.Hendrickson After learning the news, Tuoli developed its own Insulator RTV coating Automatic dip-coating technology and its matching production equipment.

RTV coating automatic dip-coating process and special equipment meet the requirements of key process. It is suitable for the coating of various umbrella type and various specifications of porcelain and glass disc suspension insulator. It has the advantages of adjustable parameters, flexible assembly, convenient operation and high production efficiency. " Professor Liang Xidong said at the appraisal meeting that compared with the spraying process, the amount of organic solvent and VOC emission are greatly reduced, and there is no dust pollution. It can be said that the automatic dip-coating process has set off a revolution in the insulator coating.

RTV coating for insulators after the insulator is installed, the RTV coating is manually sprayed or brushed on the line or the site of the substation. This construction method is easily limited by the grid operation, construction site, environmental climate and the skill level of construction personnel.

"The construction quality of covering RTV Coating on the insulator surface cannot be guaranteed due to manual spraying or brushing. The thickness and evenness of the RTV Coating on the insulator surface are quite different. At the same time, there are droppings, accumulations and bubbles of RTV Coating on insulator surface, even the phenomenon of coating missing, which has caused hidden danger to the safe operation and service life of power grid."

Hendrickson RTV coating automatic dip-coating process integration technology breaks through the recognition that the traditional dip-coating process with high viscosity and high solid content cannot be used for dip coating, and the limitation of one-time coating thickness is small, realizes the dip coating of high viscosity and high solid content coating, ensures the batch stability and consistency of product quality, and improves the adhesion, thickness and uniformity of RTV coating Key specifications.