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Power cut cleaning

For the power transmission and transformation equipment whose external insulation configuration fails to meet the requirements of the pollution area distribution diagram, if it still fails to meet the requirements after climbing, it shall be cleaned every year. The principle of "every stop must be swept, and sweeping must be done well" shall be strictly implemented with "cleaning responsibility system" and "quality inspection system", and equipment cleaning shall be arranged in time to ensure the cleaning quality.

Cleaning principle of transmission line: for the lines that meet the current pollution area insulation configuration, clean the unpainted porcelain and glass insulator based on the results of salt ash density test; for the lines that do not meet the current pollution area insulation configuration, clean the unpainted porcelain and glass insulator every time of power failure, and increase the cleaning times according to the actual pollution accumulation of the line.

The importance of cleaning timing. Where do not have as far as possible, the cleaning time shall be arranged before the pollution flashover season for the line under the condition of "guiding cleaning with salt density"; as for the line under the condition of "guiding cleaning with salt density", the salt density monitoring shall be strengthened, and the research and test of saturated salt density shall be done well while the cleaning cycle is extended; as for the line with insufficient creepage distance, it is not used RTV the transmission equipment of the skirt and the skirt should adhere to the principle of "sweeping when stopping". The insulator cleaning after power failure shall not only meet the minimum fortification to prevent flashover accident of external insulation of power grid under general weather conditions but also grasp the cleaning opportunity and improve the cleaning quality. The best cleaning period is every year Eleven Mid-month to twelve in the middle of the month, for example, the cleaning time of insulator of a line is one in the month of, it's the improper choice of cleaning time. Therefore, for the important lines and substations, it is necessary to arrange the outage time reasonably to achieve the best cleaning effect.

Ensure the cleaning quality. Do a good job in the cleaning of some lines that have not been adjusted or adjusted at present, and transmission equipment with insufficient insulation configuration. It is suggested that the following methods should be adopted for the line power failure cleaning in the future: replacing straight insulator with a composite insulator, replacing strain insulator with spray coating RTV Silicone coating for insulator clean and spray the insulator on the ground RTV Paint. The practise shows that only the above methods can guarantee the cleaning quality and fundamentally improve the cleaning effect. Timely and timely to ensure the effectiveness of cleaning. The effect of power failure cleaning is closely related to the configuration level of external insulation, meteorological conditions and external environment of overhead transmission equipment. According to the standard of annual cleaning and configuration of external insulation, only when the configuration is in place and the cleaning is effective, the pollution flashover accident is not easy to occur. Once a link is out of control, the pollution flashover accident is difficult to avoid.

If the composite insulator is used in the line, it is not necessary to clean it, but its performance shall be monitored regularly. If the pollution is too heavy or the hydrophobicity is invalid, it shall be replaced in time or repainted after the time limit. For the equipment with a climbing skirt, the cleaning cycle can be extended, but the cleaning cycle and method shall be studied carefully.