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1. Pollution flashover causes damage to the related equipment of the electric transmission line

1) It will occur simultaneously on multiple lines of multiple base towers and multiple equipments in substations under humid weather conditions such as fog and light rain;

2) Reclosing is not easy to succeed, causing permanent grounding accidents of lines and substations. Therefore, pollution flashover can easily cause the system to lose stability and cause large-scale power outage. Preventing the occurrence of pollution flashover accidents in the power grid can greatly improve the reliability of the stable operation of the power grid.

2. The significance of using anti-pollution flashover coating in electric transmission lines

With the rapid economic development, the environmental and meteorological conditions for grid operation and construction have also undergone big changes. In order to ensure the safe operation of the power grid, it is necessary to further emphasize and clarify the policies and technical principles of anti-pollution flashover work. We should adopt a scientific attitude, seek truth from facts, base on monitoring results, avoid subjective fabrications, learn and understand various anti-pollution flashover systems and countermeasures, and take measures based on local conditions to reflect the forward-looking of the technical management.

Try to take one-step measures, in order to facilitate the operation and ensure safety, and try to avoid repeated adjustments and climbs. Lines and substations adhere to the principle of relying on the insulation level of the equipment itself to prevent pollution flashover, and auxiliary methods such as anti-pollution flashover coating can be used for cleaning, spraying, and installing additional climbing skirts.

In order to improve the anti-pollution flashover ability of the external insulation of the electrical equipment of the power grid, a work manual for the prevention of pollution flashovers on overhead transmission lines is specially formulated to systematically introduce the relevant principles of pollution flashover and related organizations and technical measures for anti-pollution flashover to prevent large-scale pollution flashover accidents as well as to ensure the safe operation of the power grid.