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The zinc rich primer paint is not resistant to high temperatures. Generally, it can be used in all outdoor natural environment temperature. The temperature resistance of zinc rich primer paint is affected by the temperature resistance of zinc powder and epoxy resin. There is no problem when the zinc powder is in the environment below 400 ℃, while the long-term use temperature of epoxy resin is 80 ℃, short-term does not exceed 120 ℃. Moreover, the temperature of the zinc rich primer paint generally does not exceed 100 ℃.

An inorganic zinc rich primer paint can be used in the temperature below 400 ℃ as well as the aqueous soluble or alcohol soluble inorganic zinc rich primer paint. It is not recommended to use a zinc rich primer paint in the acid-base environment. The alcohol soluble inorganic zinc rich primer paint is an electrochemical anticorrosive primer and can also be used as a self painting. Inorganic zinc rich primer paint is resistant to 400 degrees. What’s more, it has the salt spray resistant, solvent resistant, oil resistant and water resistant. However, it is not resistant to acids and alkali. It is usually used for steel anticorrosive primer in outdoor, seaside, marine and other environments. It has anti-corrosion paint for inner and outer walls of oil tanks, and heat resistant anti-corrosion and anti-rust primer for thermal insulation pipes as well.

The epoxy phenolic paint is resistant to maximum dry heat up to 300 ℃. The actual heat resistance of it is related to the corrosive environment. At the same time, in addition to high temperature resistance, it has excellent acid resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, oil resistance (primer or topcoat) as well. It is mainly used as a corrosion protection paint for storage tanks and inner walls of pipes.

If you still need high temperature resistance, there is a better choice. There is a professional paint with can keep efficacy at high temperature. The organic silicon high temperature paint can withstand high temperature of 200-1200 ℃, and it has excellent corrosion resistance. It can become solid by itself at room temperature and become rapid drying. It can be constructed conveniently at the same time. The organic silicon high temperature paint is not only widely used in high temperature of anti-corrosion in the blast furnace of metallurgy, petroleum and chemical industry and outer wall of of the air stove. It can also be used for protection of igh temperature of anti-corrosion of chimney, flue, high temperature hot gas pipeline, heating furnace, heat exchanger and other metal surfaces.

Features of zinc rich primer paint:
1. It has cathodic protection and excellent anti-rust performance.
2. It has excellent adhesion on sandblasted steel.
3. It has good welding performance.
4. It has good water resistance, oil resistance and solvent resistance.
5. It can be fast dry, with good construction performance.
6. It has good matching and can be used with a variety of intermediate paint finishes.

Although the zinc rich primer paint has many advantages, it must be well combined with the substrate because of its zinc-containing characteristics. Therefore, the requirements for the substrate are strict and sandblasting must be performed. The steel surface has a certain roughness, which is conducive to construction painting. As a manufacturer, we are specialized in the production of industrial heavy painting with experience of many years in anti-corrosion and thermal insulation construction. What’s more, we are striving for the first line of anti-corrosion, environmental protection and of the city to beautify it.