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insulator coating

Anti-pollution flashover coating refers to the dirt attached to the insulating surface of electrical equipment. Under humid conditions, insoluble substances gradually dissolve in water, forming a conductive film on the insulating surface. This not only greatly reduces the insulation level of the insulator, but also prevents the strong discharge phenomenon under the action of the electric field force. 

Its specific characteristics are as follows:

1. If the pollution flashover voltage of the external insulation of power transmission and transformation equipment is greatly increased, the pollution flashover voltage can be increased to more than 200% to ensure the safe operation of power equipment. The anti-pollution flashover coating has excellent electrical and mechanical properties, strong hydrophobic and hydrophobic migration, strong adhesion as well as long service life;

2. The anti-pollution flashover coating is a one-component coating, and it does not need to be mixed during use. It can be sprayed directly on the surface of the electric porcelain after the sealed package is opened. After being in contact with water molecules in the air, it solidifies into a film, which can effectively ensure quality, reduce waste, and make construction simple. The residue of anti-pollution flashover coating does not conduct electricity after combustion, and there is no hidden danger for equipment operation;

3. The flammability index of anti-pollution flashover coating is not lower than FV-1 level. This index is especially suitable for insulation and anti-pollution work of DC transmission as well as transformation equipment of power system. In the normal use of the equipment, the electrical external insulation equipment after spraying the anti-pollution flashover coating can be free of cleaning and maintenance. This can save a lot of manpower and material resources for cleaning the external insulation equipment.

After the anti-pollution flashover coating is applied to the surface of the insulator, the formed coating covers the entire surface of the insulator and isolates the insulation product from contact with contaminated substances. When the pollutant material falls on the surface of the insulator, it touches the coating of the anti-pollution flashover paint.