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Introduction of suspension insulator

As one of the important equipment of transmission lines, suspension insulators are responsible for the important task of suspending wires and insulating towers. The suspension porcelain insulators produced are used in high-voltage, ultra-high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage transmission lines all over the world. Safe operation provides a reliable guarantee.


Suspended porcelain insulators are divided into insulators for AC systems and porcelain insulators for DC systems. The high-resistance insulating material formula, the special umbrella-shaped structure and the anti-corrosion design of the metal accessories enable the DC porcelain insulators produced by our company to fully meet the harsh requirements of DC transmission on the aging performance of the product.


Suspended porcelain insulators have a variety of umbrella-shaped structure designs, which provide a variety of reasonable options for the use of lines in different regions.


Suspended porcelain insulators classified by umbrella shape


Folding common type:

This umbrella-shaped insulator is a suspension insulator with a long history of use. Its characteristics are simple structure and low cost, and it is suitable for use in clean areas. It is usually used on AC transmission lines.


Folding bell type:

This umbrella-shaped insulator has a long under-umbrella edge, and the product can achieve a larger creepage distance. The cavity under the umbrella is not easy to be damp, and it has a higher pollution withstand voltage, which is more suitable for the AC and DC transmission lines on coastal, foggy, humid and salt-alkali areas.


Folding double- and triple-umbrella type:

Because the products of these two shapes are smooth under the umbrella and have no edges and are also open, they have good wind and rain self-cleaning performance, low natural dirt accumulation rate, and a large creepage distance, so that the products have a good pollution withstand voltage level, which can give full play to the advantages of the umbrella structure when used in a dusty environment. The umbrella-shaped insulators are called "aerodynamic type", and they are suitable for various operating conditions, especially AC and DC transmission lines in heavy pollution, high altitude and dry desert areas.


Folding straw-hat type:

The umbrella tray of this product has a particularly large diameter, which is smooth under the umbrella, with a streamlined structure, good self-cleaning performance, and small dirt accumulation. The use feature is that it is interspersed in the upper and middle parts of the suspension strings of AC and DC line insulators. The extra-large diameter structure can suppress the pollution flashover of line caused by ice sliding and bird droppings.