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At the beginning, the service life of RTV anti-pollution flashover coating was five years. With the advancement of technology, product performance has been further improved, and the service life has also increased to ten years, but this has reached the limit service life of RTV anti-pollution flashover coating. In order to further increase the service life of RTV anti-pollution flashover coatings and change its comprehensive performance to make it oil-repellent and self-cleaning, a new anti-pollution flashover coating called electric power anti-pollution flashover coating (referred to as PRTV anti-pollution flashover coating) appeared.

PRTV anti-pollution flashover coatings have better hydrophobicity and hydrophobic migration than RTV anti-pollution flashover coatings, as well as certain oil resistance and good non-stick properties. Under severe weather conditions, a continuous water film will appear along the surface of wet and dirty insulators and flashover will occur. When the PRTV anti-pollution flashover coating is applied, due to its hydrophobicity, the surface of the dirt layer is also hydrophobic. There are only discontinuous small water droplets on the surface of the dirt layer, and will not be infiltrated and connected, causing greatly improved anti-pollution flashover performance of the electrical equipment. Compared with the number of hydrophobic groups inside PRTV, the number of naturally lost hydrophobic groups is extremely small, so the life of PRTV is very long.

Compared with RTV anti-pollution flashover coatings, the base rubber of PRTV anti-pollution flashover coatings has a longer service life in nature. The modified negative molecular groups inside the PRTV after treatment with special technology are far more abundant than the RTV anti-pollution flashover coating, which is one of the reasons for its long service life.

The PRTV anti-pollution flashover paint sold by Fujian Ruisen New Materials Co., Ltd. has excellent anti-pollution flashover performance and has passed many tests. It is suitable for the anti-pollution flashover treatment of insulators in substations and transmission lines. Welcome to buy.