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insulator coating
Anyone who has worked in kitchen hygiene knows that oil and moisture combine to produce the most stubborn stains. It takes some time to remove them. If the stain is on the contact wire insulator, a phenomenon similar to electrical discharge occurs, and the sparks crackle in the dark tunnel. Pollution flash-over often occurs in tunnels. Rising from the ground, dust bound by moisture is glued to the edge of the insulator's porcelain "skirt", over time, it results in serious scaling on the surface of the insulator. When the insulator is damp, a strong partial discharge will occur, and the amplitude of the instantaneous current pulse will increase to tens or hundreds of milliamps. The occurrence of intermittent pulse discharge is random and unstable. Under certain conditions, the local arc will gradually extend along and eventually complete the flash-over,pollution flash-over. It will lead to  the ocs power failure. More seriously, it will lead to the power failure of contact network covering for a big area for a long time. To ensure the safety of power supply in the pipe, it is necessary to use insulator cleaner to clean the insulator in the pipe.
In addition to completing the daily maintenance tasks, insulator cleaner should be used to clean insulators, making full of every minute. The water temperature and water pressure should be adjusted according to the actual operation to ensure the cleaning effect, and then rinse with clean water then that is finished. If the flash-over is severe, the workers should be sent to the davit for reinforcement. The lads first clean the flat braced insulators on the upper part of the cross braced insulators by stepping on them, and then they lean over to clean the grease on the cross braced insulators. They always carry a water bottle with fresh water in it. They wipe it with a wet cloth soaked in detergent, rinse it with water, and then dry it with a dry cloth. After that, ensure there’s no oil pollution in corner and insulator is clean as new.