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When the transmission line passes through the area, due to industrial pollution, the salt mist from the sea breeze, dust in the air and other pollutants slowly accumulate and adhere to the surface of the insulator, forming a pollution layer. In bad weather such as rain, snow melting, fog, etc., the dielectric strength of the polluted insulator will be greatly reduced, causing the insulator to flashover under the normal operating voltage, resulting in a large-scale power outage, which is called a pollution flashover accident of the line.

The application principles of anti-pollution flashover coating are as follows:

(1) The main cause of the pollution flashover accident is that the insulation surface is polluted. Except for the salt and sea fog in the coastal air, the main industrial pollution sources are man-made. To control the pollution, it is necessary to control the source of pollution and not let the atmosphere be polluted. Therefore, the location of the anti-pollution flashover coating substation should be avoided as far as possible from the obvious pollution source.

(2) In order to avoid air pollution, placing the anti-pollution flashover coating transformation and distribution equipment indoors can greatly reduce pollution flashover accidents. However, the room should be equipped with dust removal and moisture absorption, and "all working conditions" type equipment should be installed or selected to prevent dew condensation and pollution flashover. The occurrence of pollution flashover is also related to the appearance of the porcelain piece and its leakage distance. Anti-pollution insulators generally have a large leakage distance. The electrical equipment with the corresponding creepage distance should be selected according to the local pollution identification layout and operating experience.

(3) Timely cleaning the outer insulation dirt of the anti-pollution flashover coating electric porcelain to restore its original insulation level is the fundamental measure to prevent pollution flashover. Sometimes it can not adapt to the local dirty environment, you can use the methods of replacing insulators, increasing the number of insulating blades, installing anti-fouling skirts, anti-fouling cover coatings (organosilicon, silicone oil, silicone grease, floor wax, RTV, etc.) and synthesizing insulators. The purpose is to increase the insulation creepage distance and reduce pollution flashover accidents. Each of the above methods has advantages and disadvantages and should be selected after economic comparison.

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