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Weatherability Polyurethane Topcoat (Outdoor)

Instructions of Weatherability Polyurethane Topcoat (Outdoor)

The Weather Polyurethane Topcoat by hydroxyl polymer resins, aliphatic an isocyanide curing agent film material, advanced weather resistance pigments, plasticizers, additives, solvents and other preparation, two-components packaging. At room temperature cross-linking and curing excellent film formation, it has excellent weather resistance, gloss retention, color retention.

Application of High Performance Polyurethane Water Based Topcoat

The application can be used for anti-corrosion steel surface topcoat, also suitable for wood and cement products for decorative corrosion.
Especially suitable for industrial, chemical, steel and another heavy-duty coating maritime matching topcoat.

Property of the Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating

A. Excellent weather resistance, color retention, and gloss retention.
B. Not easy to powder, not yellowed.
C. Low temperature, above -5 ℃ can cure properly.
D. Resistant to mineral and vegetable oils, kerosene and other petroleum products and mild chemicals spatter.
E. No recoat time limits, even after long exposure to the atmosphere still recoat.
F. Good workability.
G. Water, seawater, acid, alkali, salt corrosion and chemical atmosphere, and good weather resistance.

  • Coating Application of  Polyurethane Top Coat Over Paint

    Coating interval: Minimum 8 hours (23 ℃), the maximum limit.
    Theoretical amount: 145 g / m2.
    Painting passes: spraying or brushing 2 to 3, 80 to 100 microns dry.
    Mixing mass ratio: Base material (A): The curing agent (B) = 5 :1.

    A. Mixing: Use a power mixer component A (base material) Stir, then stirring state by mixing ratio of the added amount of group B (the curing agent), and fully mixed, while stirring continued momentum needed painting. It may be appropriate to add diluents to the desired viscosity construction, too much solvent results in lower sag resistance and slower cure, thinner should be added after mixing the components.

    B. Thinner or Cleaner: For supporting diluent (if required local procurement, use of propylene glycol monomethyl ether acetate or butyl acetate).
    Curing time: After mixed directly.
    After mixing pot life: 5 hours (23 ℃).

    C. Construction method: Brush / Roller Coating, Air Spray, Airless Spray (First Priority).

    - Airless spraying
    Volume of thinner: 3-5%, according to a desired film thickness and application conditions.
    Nozzle diameter: about 0.44-0.49 mm.
    Discharge pressure: 20Mpa (about 200 atmospheres).
    - Air spray
    Volume of thinner: 3-5%, according to a desired film thickness and application conditions.
    Nozzle diameter: 1.0-1.5 mm.
    Discharge pressure: 0.3-0.4Mpa (about 3-4 ATM).
    - Brush / Roller
    Volume of thinner: 0-5%.
    Optional tools: high-quality wool brush and roller (try not to hair loss).
  • Surface Preparation of the Polyurethane Coating Paint

    All surfaces to be coated should be free of dirt, dust, chalking paint, mortar spatter, all loose rust, all loose mill scale, old caulking, grease, oil, release agents, curing compounds, laitance and other foreign matter including frost. Substrate drying water or ice, construction and low curing temperatures allow more than -5 ℃; maximum relative humidity during application and curing is 85%.

    The construction and curing required to maintain adequate ventilation.
    Premature exposure to rain or condensation in the state, its color and luster affected.

    Shelf Life
    Twelve months from date of manufacture in the original unopened container at 32°C. Subject to re-inspection thereafter. Store in dry, shaded conditions away from sources of heat or ignition.

    Package: 20 kg/ barrel.

    Contact us get more details about Weatherability Polyurethane Topcoat Coating, such as TDS, Application Method, OEM etc.

Technical Data of The Weatherability Polyurethane Topcoat (Outdoor)



Thick paint


1700-2200 cP

Cure System

The catalyst cure


1 hour


8 hours

CURED At standard conditions (25℃ and 50% relative humidity) for 5 days


H ( pencil hardness)




Flat-high light



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