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The Main Features of Silicone Anticorrosive Coating

  • Excellent weather resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance.
  • Excellent heat resistance, long-term resistance to high temperatures of 200 ° C ~ 700 ° C does not fall off.
  • Dry at room temperature. Strong adhesion, anti-aging, and good mechanical properties.

The Main Application of Silicone Anti Corrosion Coating

It is divided into three grades:
Type I is a variety of silicone heat-resistant corrosion resistant paint, which is suitable for: all kinds of equipment parts that need to withstand 300 °C high temperature, such as large boilers, high temperature steam pipes, flue and so on.
Type II is a silver-white silicone heat-resistant anti corrosion coating, which is suitable for: coating steel parts that need to withstand high temperature equipment of 500 ° C, such as engine casing, exhaust pipe, muffler, oven, stove, etc.
Type III is a black silicone ceramic heat-resistant corrosion resistant coatings, which is suitable for special occasions where the temperature resistance does not exceed 700 °C.

Warning of Silicone Anticorrosive Coating

Read the instructions before use.
Adjust the paint and curing agent according to the required ratio before use. Use as much as possible. Stir well and use it within 8 hours.
The construction process should be dry and clean, and it is strictly forbidden to contact with water, acid, alcohol and alkali.
After the paint is applied, the curing agent packaging drum must be tightly sealed to avoid gelation.
During construction and drying, the relative humidity shall not exceed 85%.

Surface Treatment

The workpiece should be degreased, derusted, and preferably sandblasted to prevent adhesion and heat resistance from being affected by the uncleanness of the coating.