insulator coating
The differences between High voltage insulator coating and hot shrink are seen everyday throughout electrical utility industries. A number of manufacturers of various products are making the switch from hot shrink products to high voltage insulator coating because of the many advantages that insulator coating has to offer. As the high voltage insulator coating specialists in Fujian, we are big fans of what the process brings to manufacturers and consumers alike. These advantages include:

  • Much more resistance to chipping, fading and scratching.
  • The result is much more durable and lasts years longer than hot shrink products.
  • The high voltage insulator coating process cuts down on waste and is more environmentally friendly.
  • The high voltage insulator coating's one step process cuts manufacturing and project turnaround time.
  • Because of it's longer life,The high voltage insulator coating is more economical than your heating process.
  • The high voltage insulator coating allows for different textures and finishes allowing for a wider range of design capabilities.
  • If your manufacturing or application facility is considering adding The high voltage insulator coating to your capabilities or are making the switch from hot shrink products, our team at Ruisen Coating Supplies can help you make the transition by applying our 15 years of experience in the industry in order to guide you to making the right The high voltage insulator coating equipment choices for your type and size of application facility.

As the trusted authority in the region, Ruisen Coating Supplies can serve as your comprehensive source for all aspects in The high voltage insulator coating. Not only do we have the widest selection of The high voltage insulator coating equipment, we have expert trainers who provide comprehensive education, consultants who can share advice and guide you towards success and a team of technicians who are skilled at equipment repair.
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