insulator coating
TCF series ceramic high voltage coating capacitor is a high voltage coated protective lead capacitor. The rated DC voltage of this series of capacitors can reach up to 10,000 V. It is suitable for application in precision capacitor, AC filter, high voltage multiplier circuit and other electronic fields.

TCF series ceramic high voltage coating capacitors have high thermal stability in the operating temperature range of - 55 ~125 C. High voltage coating also provide RoHS-compliant products. They are environmentally friendly devices.

TCF series ceramic high voltage coating capacitors can provide a variety of dielectrics for users to use, including NPO, C4xx and X7R. The rated DC voltage ranges are NPO (200V~10,000 V), C4xx (200V~5,000 V), X7R (200V~10,000 V), which are very suitable for medium and high voltage applications. Among them, NPO and C 4xx dielectric products can raise the temperature coefficients of ±30 ppm/ C and -2,200±500 ppm/ C respectively, which can also be applied in the field of temperature sensitivity. In terms of capacitance tolerance, NPO can provide capacitance tolerances of ±1%, ±2%, ±5%, ±10%, ±20%. Four capacitance tolerances are available for C4xx, i.e. ±2%, ±5%, +10%, ±20%. For X7R, only +10% and +20% capacitance tolerances are available. We provide a variety of accuracy for users to choose, to meet different their needs.
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