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Today, what we will introduce to you is the self fusing silicone rubber electrical tape. As a member of our company's materials family, the self fusing silicone rubber electrical tape is widely used in transportation, power production and distribution, general industry and daily life supplies.

1. What is a self fusing silicone rubber electrical tape and how does it achieve adhesion?
The self fusing silicone rubber electrical tape is a kind of silicone rubber electrical tape that has two mechanisms for its adhesion.

2. Performance parameters and advantages of self fusing silicone rubber electrical tape:
The self fusing silicone rubber electrical tape is made of the special organic formulated silicone rubber. They irreversibly bond themselves to fusion, providing an insulating barrier against moisture, oxygen, ozone and corona. The temperature range is extremely wide (-54℃ up to +260℃, which is -65 ℉up to +500 ℉). Our products can provide excellent electrical insulation properties with a dielectric strength of at least 300 VPM at 180 ℃ (356 ℉).

These parameters are specifically embodied in the following excellent performance:
1. It is resistant to moisture, oxygen and ozone, and can guarantee the continuous high insulation value.
2. It is wound in a complex shape with good adhesion and smooth.
3. It sticks to itself within 24 hours at room temperature with no glue.
4. It does not adhere to other surfaces or substrates, and its surface is not sticky when touched.
5. Just wrap one layer will play an insulating role, saving labor time and reducing costs.
6. It has the capability of shock absorption, heat resistance, mechanical shock resistance and corona resistance.
7. It has the property of inherent flame retardant. When burned, it produces non-conductive ash. It meets the horizontal burning test standard specified in FAR 25.853 as well.
8. The 8.30 (SA) and 40 (SB) Series MOX Tape® provide a uniform thickness even when wrapped around the sharp edges. The complexes of glass fiber fabric inside the silicone rubber has the function of anti-capillary and maintains high insulation resistance even in a high humidity environment. These stretch limiting tapes provide a uniform barrier to insulation.
9. All tapes are specially protected well.

Our products have passed the following standards and tests:
The self fusing silicone rubber electrical tape conforms to RoHS;
It meets the lateral burning test standards stipulated in FAR 25.853;
The self fusing silicone rubber electrical tape is used for continuous operation at 180 ℃;
It meets the standards of Mil-I-46852C/A-A-59163.
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